ward & theatre

4H102 dressing trolley

4H103 dressing trolley large

4H104S flat top instrument trolley small

4H120 food dispensing trolley 8 tray

4H160 mobile intravenous stand

4H169 arm operating table

4H175 Pediatric Cot


4H102D1 dressing trolley 1 drawer

4H103D1 dressing trolley large 1 drawer

4H104M instrument trolley medium

4H121 food dispensing trolley 16 tray

4H160P mobile intravenous stand

4H163 LED magnifying lamp

4H102D2 dressing trolley 2 drawers

4H103D2 dressing trolley large 2 drawers

4H104L instrument trolley large

4H122 food dispensing trolley 24 tray

4H161 mobile intravenous stand powered

4H125 - 2 tier tray clearing trolley

4H102D4 dressing trolley 4 drawers

4H103D4 dressing trolley large 4 drawers

4H130 file trolley

4H155 flow chart trolley

4H150 mobile lotion bowl stand

4H125 - 3 tier tray clearing trolley

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